Monday, May 11, 2015


After a rainy weekend, it looks like I get one day to dry out before it starts again. We've gone from drought to flooding. I was thinking about buying a bicycle, but I think maybe a kayak would be a better idea.

I'm trying to remember what I did this weekend. I was sick, so a lot of it went by in a blur. I walked over to the rec center to vote in the city council election, then came home by way of the library, where I found a book I've been wanting, but somehow I never got around to reading it this weekend. I then came home from the library by walking down one of my "target" streets, where there's a house currently on the market. It's pretty small -- not that much bigger than my current house -- but I like the layout, from what I can tell in the online photos. Instead of a bunch of tiny living rooms, all cut up, most of the living area part of it seems to be an open floorplan, with the bedrooms opening off it. And it's been beautifully remodeled. But it's still not ideal, and I still don't want to try to move right now. I wasn't crazy about the particular location, and I'm not sure there was enough potential bookcase space. When I do start really house hunting, I'll need to make a list of reasons I want to move and make sure any new house meets those reasons. High on that list would be room for not only the bookcases I currently have, but more of them. Also a kitchen with both workspace and storage space.

Otherwise, I spent most of the weekend doing bits of reading, bits of knitting, catching up on some OnDemand TV watching, watching WWII documentaries on the Smithsonian channel, knitting, and untangling the skein of yarn that somehow got totally out of control. I mean, it took a couple of hours of carefully unraveling a massive knot to get enough additional yarn to be able to knit. And doing that was strangely soothing and satisfying. I'm not even knitting anything in particular. I'm just playing with a pattern to decide if I want to try to do it in this kind of yarn, and I'm testing two different borders to see which one I like best.

Then there were the season finales of Once Upon a Time and Wolf Hall -- talk about a contrast! There was a lot that was fun about the Once Upon a Time finale, but it also exposed a lot of the writing weaknesses in this show. Some of it, I think they were poking fun, but there also seemed to be a lot of unintentional irony that hit their blind spots. I really just want to strangle the writers of that show sometimes because they've got a great premise and cast, but the execution is almost always disappointing.

But the sun is out temporarily and the week has begun. I need to make a tea run, so there will be a walk to the India Bazaar at some point today, and then I need to do some writing and some housework.

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