Friday, May 22, 2015

Aha! Moments

Rather than clogging my author blog, I've unloaded my thoughts on last weekend's now-infamous Game of Thrones incident on my long-dormant Stealth Geek blog. You can see it here if you're interested (Mom, you may want to avoid). Spoilers abound, though I did try to be delicate about it all.

Meanwhile, I've had a big realization about the book in progress. The identity of the villain has not changed, but in realizing what she really wanted, I realized who/what she really is, and that moment when I realized it gave me chills. The weird thing is, I don't think I'll have to change all that much of the book up to this point. There may be a few subtle tweaks and I may plant some clues, but it doesn't really contradict anything I've already written. It's like it was there all along. I love it when that sort of thing happens. I don't know if I'm putting together stuff I wrote to come to a different conclusion or if maybe it was there all along and I didn't realize it consciously. I have a bit of backstory work to puzzle out, and I'm going to have to revise the last couple of scenes, but I think this will really help give a little more structure and form to the book.

Plus conflict. Needs more conflict. There will be a lot of revision required to add action, but not changes to the premise. In fact, this should make it easy to add action.

That's going to be my Saturday plan -- a big writing marathon.

Sunday's supposed to be really rainy, so there will be reading, I think. I also need to bake an apple pie for Monday's Memorial Day concert at church. We're doing hot dogs before the concert and apple pie afterward. I got sparkly sugar to make mine fancy. I don't have any solos, but I did get picked as one of three sopranos to sing the three-part descant for one song. So there will be a few cases where I'm the only person singing a particular note, but with the whole choir and orchestra also going at the same time. I had never sung that descant before Wednesday's rehearsal when the part was assigned, since the first sopranos all automatically sing descants and the seconds sing the regular soprano part. This one gets weird because there's actually a second part in the descant. I will need to practice. That's something else I'll be doing this weekend, to get that part in my head and get some muscle memory.

And then I'll start work on building my ark.

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