Friday, May 08, 2015

Officially a "Novel"

The new book is now long enough to be a category romance, so it's officially a novel rather than a novella or novelette. But I still probably have another 20-30,000 words to go. And then a lot of revising/rewriting because it feels like it's short on action.

It's funny how much the plot and structure have changed since I started. On the first stab, I wrote a scene as the first turning point. Then I went back and changed a lot of stuff, and that scene just kept moving further and further out in the book. I've finally reached that scene, which now is more the big turning point that leads into the final act -- the "now things are getting serious" part.

I'm actually probably not as far along as I'd hoped because I discovered that in addition to this scene, there's another scene after it still in the manuscript that will have to go, as I dropped that plot thread. So there are maybe 2,000 words that will end up going.

But I can see the end from here, and I have a good idea of what's going to happen between now and the end, and I have a sense of what the final showdown will be.

Then I may let it rest a little while and deal with some other stuff. Like my web site. It's been built around the rather girly contemporary fantasy stuff, but the steampunk book has a totally different look. I think it still reads very much like something written by me, but you don't get "steampunk" when you look at my current web site. I probably need to migrate/evolve my logo, and then I think maybe an overall feminine Victorian style would work to bridge the two styles of books. I may not worry about matching the color scheme to anything in any of my book covers and just go with something I like. Which means blue will be involved. Maybe. I need to find a graphic designer.

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