Friday, May 01, 2015

This Could Be More Linear

I can't believe it's already May and that this week is over. I'm not sure where it all went.

I think I figured out how to handle the tricky scene I've been wrestling with, and I think I have a better sense of how the plot is laying out up to the next three or four scenes. I just have no idea what the last quarter of the book will be. Part of me thinks maybe I should re-read the whole book up to this point and then plot out the rest, but then part of me wants to just write what I know until I run out of ideas and need to hit the drawing board again. I suspect the second part is the right one because anything I plan now is likely to change.

This is what happens when a very linear, compulsive plotter and outliner gets stuck with a book that refuses to fall in line. I don't do well as a "pantser," but I can never see too far down the line with this series. Each scene seems to give me the idea for the next scene.

So I think I will be spending the afternoon on the patio, writing the next scene and see if that works to bridge to what I have planned next.

I also need to do some work on the patio because the recent rains have made the Evil Alien Vine grow like crazy. Apparently it's Naked Gardening Day, but I will not be observing that. I managed to get a mosquito bite on my thigh while wearing jeans yesterday. I can't imagine the condition I'd be in if I wore less. Not to mention the sunburn. That doesn't sound like a very practical holiday.

I have a somewhat busy Saturday, with a friend's vocal recital in the afternoon and another friend's birthday party in the evening. Sunday morning my children's choir sings in church, and then I have an afternoon of no plans at all, which is utterly divine. I've had a few busy Sundays in a row.

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