Wednesday, May 13, 2015

3:22 a.m.

I've had allergies/a cold/something else for the past few days, and what had been a sore throat has become a cough with the annoying tendency to wake me up at 3:22 in the morning (yes, that precisely). I thought it was maybe that this was the time the cold medicine I took before I went to bed wore off, so last night, desperate to get some rest, I broke out The Good Stuff, the prescription cough syrup that renders me useless for about 15 hours but that allows me to sleep through the night even when I've got bronchitis (this is much milder than my usual bronchitis). But while it made me groggy, it had a very different effect on me this time. I was sort of asleep in that I wasn't really awake and wouldn't have been able to do anything but lie there, but I was conscious pretty much the whole night. It was like an entire night of daydreaming, with only a few short bursts of real sleep. And I still woke up coughing at 3:22.

During the night, while I was conscious but not really awake, I did some brainstorming that might have led to an idea for a web site redesign, though I haven't quite yet figured out how to make it work in reality with the software I've got. I may still play with it some and see what I can get it to do. My hope was to be able to just redo the main page and otherwise adjust the colors and header through the master page, so I can essentially redo the way the site looks without redoing the entire site. I have some ideas on how I can make my concept work

Since I "worked" through the night, I'm now in need of some real sleep. I may not be very useful today.

At least the cough seems to be a lot better. I wonder if I take a nap, will I wake up coughing at 3:22 in the afternoon?

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