Thursday, May 14, 2015


Since it looks like we're having a rare day without a lot of rain, I'm going to head over to visit my parents before they forget what I look like. I'm not sure whether to take my car or rent a boat. It doesn't look like the major roads where I'm heading are flooded, but you never know these days. We've gone from drought to flood in a few weeks. Two weeks ago, most of the lakes around here were below normal levels. Now most of them are at flood stage. The lake nearest me will look very different for summer fireworks.

I think I've found a fun new concept for my web site. It's really different from the more cartoony, bright look I had for the Enchanted, Inc. books, but it's more of a fit for the Fairy Tale books and the Steampunk book and for most of the other story ideas I've got in mind. I'm also going to have to change my tagline. I was using "Fairy tales for modern times," and while I meant that in terms of audience, it sounds like it's about contemporary fiction, which doesn't fit so well with the steampunk book. And while I think I used a few fairy tale tropes in the steampunk story, it's not so obviously a fairy tale kind of book.

One line that came to me last night was "All Manner of Magic" which I think covers a broad range of fantasy. What would that say to you as a reader?

I'm planning to use part of a photo I took as a header because to me that image says "fantasy" but it also has a Victorian esthetic.

Yeah, I know, I should be writing, but in the state I've been in, words weren't coming, but playing around with fiddly bits in my web software was working, and it's something that needs to be done. I didn't realize just how much the newer version of this software could do, so I'm having fun with the toys. I promise not to go overboard, though. I keep going back and forth on whether I should use a background color on the page. I like things clean and white and easy to read. I also prefer white walls in my house. But I don't know how appealing that will be. It's odd that I keep ending up with color schemes that don't fit my personal taste, but that do fit my books. There was the pink/purple range from the Enchanted, Inc. books, and my current plan is using greens and golds. I like the black, gray, white, and red on the steampunk cover, but I don't think it fits everything else. I may do an entirely different style/color scheme for the pages relating to that book.

But now I suppose I should get packed and head out for the weekend.

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