Friday, February 13, 2015

Sign from Above?

The bathroom is now painted. I'm going to have to do a second coat in the areas where the roller wouldn't reach because the brush doesn't seem to do as heavy a coverage. I've decided to do the trim and any touch-up work later. It turns out that this paint has almost no odor, so sleeping next to a room that's just been painted won't be an issue. The main reason it's good to be out for a couple of days is not having to worry about drying and having my bathroom not really that useable (draping all over everything, the shower curtain down).

I'm already mostly packed for the convention, so after doing that second coat in the tricky spots I'll be able to just put on decent clothes, hop in the car, and hope I can check into the hotel in time to take a shower before my 4 p.m. reading. I'm actually ahead of my planned schedule, mostly because I also decided to do the kitchen later.

I woke up this morning from a dream in which I'd decided I needed to move to Nashville. I'd figured this out because it had the kind of scenery/terrain I like (true), closer to the kind of weather I like (also true), and a lot of the kind of people I like (also true), and I already know someone there because a friend from here moved there. But I don't think it was a Sign From Above dream because the next part of the dream involved me searching for real estate listings there to see what kind of house I could get with my current budget, and I couldn't get the search to work. When I put in my search parameters, I just got random pictures that weren't of houses. Then after that I couldn't seem to find a computer to search on, no matter where I went. From there it transitioned into one of those "returning to an office job" nightmares. So while I think I could live in Nashville and enjoy it, I'm not sure why I'd want to move there at this point in my life. I am still tempted to do the real estate search and see what comes up.

And now the first coat of paint should be dry enough for me to do a second coat.

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