Thursday, February 12, 2015

Painting Week Continues

My fun yesterday was applying spray-on texture to the walls that previously had wallpaper on them. The result isn't perfect (I don't think the stuff works as advertised), but it'll do once it's painted. The original paint job for this house was so sloppy that anything I do, however amateur, will be an improvement. They did a terrible job of mudding over the drywall tape (the tape is visible in places), and I think they pretty much painted by standing in the middle of the house and waving a paint sprayer around.

Today is taping, prepping and priming day, but I also have to get some stuff done to prepare for ConDFW this weekend. I'm so looking forward to having this phase of the project over with so I can get my kitchen and bathroom back to normal. Right now, my laundry room contents are in my dining room and there's plastic all over the bathroom. After the weekend, I really need to get my act together on the cleaning and other work because I've noticed that all the houses like mine are selling almost immediately. I was worried that there were too many on the market, but they're going fast. My problem may not be selling the old house, but rather finding a new house. There are currently three on the market that aren't my ideal but that I could probably live with.

I'm really looking forward to this weekend's convention, but mostly as a mid-winter vacation and recovery period from the Week of Painting. I don't have a lot of panels, so I may be spending my off time just hanging out in my hotel room with the knowledge that I'm not having to do any housework or home improvement projects. I may catch up on reading and sleep and occasionally emerge to socialize.

But first, there is sanding to be done.

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