Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I have given myself a deadline to get my house ready. I'd like to have it on the market by spring break, so that's three weeks from yesterday. This week I need to finish the painting (the kitchen, the trim around the house) and get the office clean and clear enough that there's access that doesn't require dance skills to get to the upstairs bathroom. Next week, I plan to have the plumbing issues taken care of, and once that is done, fix the kitchen floor (self-stick vinyl tiles seem to be the best solution for a quick and relatively easy spiff-up that doesn't require removing the old floor). Otherwise, there's a lot of cleaning, sorting and purging. Having a deadline should help me focus and get stuff done, and having an endpoint makes it easier to deal with. When it's all over, I'll just have to maintain the clean (and be prepared to make myself scarce for showings). And then I'll get the fun of moving. Yay. The trick may be finding something to buy. Houses like mine seem to be selling within a couple of weeks, and there's not much else coming up for sale. But it's likely more will start showing up around spring break, and it's possible that any new buyers might not want to move in until near the end of the school year.

In the meantime, there will be another book out. Book 2 in the Fairy Tale series, To Catch a Queen, will be coming out March 3, in e-book, paperback and audio. Here's the cover:

It's available for pre-order at iBooks and at Amazon.

I will eventually get my web page updated, but in the meantime, description and samples are available at these sites with previews.

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