Friday, February 27, 2015

I Wanna Build a Snowman

It's snowing! It started with just a few flakes while I was eating breakfast, and it was so light that I could barely see it falling. By the time I finished breakfast, there was a coating of white on my black patio furniture. Now, though, the snow is visibly falling, and I'd say there's about an inch accumulated. I know this is nothing to northerners, but it's our first real snowfall of the year. We had a very brief rain/snow mixture earlier this week and a few flakes yesterday, but this is real snow.

I may get nothing done today because I kind of just want to stare at it falling. It's rather hypnotic. But I do have work to do to finish up the house. I got a carload of stuff out to the recycling center yesterday. I figure that in stuff I've donated, recycled or thrown away in the past few months, I've gotten rid of at least three carloads of stuff, which is that many fewer things to move when the time comes. I need to do one more pass on the closet and books. Hmm, that could be a fun snow day activity -- go through the To Be Read shelf and read first chapters. If I'm not interested, I can get rid of the book.

Yesterday I painted the kitchen and one wall of the living room. The paint color is close enough to the existing color that it doesn't show as different on adjacent walls, but it does show if a spot is missed on a wall, which means I might have a couple of touchups now that it's all dry. Today I want to clean out the painting mess and start doing an overall house cleaning. After getting rid of stuff, I have places to put things away. I may make my self-imposed deadline of having the house ready to list by spring break, and then I can get back to writing work.

But there may have to be some snowman building this afternoon.

This weekend Once Upon a Time returns, but comments by the writers in interviews leading up to the return are making me wary. The morality was already skewed, but they seem to be going off the deep end in woobifying a villain, claiming that she deserves all kinds of good things and has really had the short end of the stick because one particular thing didn't go right for her barely a year after she stopped murdering people. This is a woman who lives in a mansion, drives a Mercedes, still has a position of authority in the community, has her former victims supporting her and begging to be her friends, and whose adopted son still loves her in spite of the emotional abuse she inflicted on him (and in spite of the fact that he nearly died in one of her attempts to murder someone else). Her Grimm fairy tale counterpart was forced to dance to death in red-hot iron shoes. Somehow I doubt she'd see not being able to keep the guy she'd been dating for a couple of week as not getting a happy ending. As much as I love aspects of the show, I'm thisclose to giving up on it entirely. I'm even considering getting on Twitter just to call the writers out on their nonsense. This makes me so mad because the premise had so much potential, and yet it's a little too unique for me to find a way to scratch out the serial numbers and write it the right way.

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