Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fending off the Germ Attack

I actually managed to achieve writing yesterday! I rewrote the first two scenes to fit with what I now know is the real plot of the book. I don't know if I'll get much done today because I have a lot of work on the house planned and it's choir day and I have to do some lesson planning. I also found out that not only will my co-teacher be out sick, but both of the preschool class teachers will be out, and so far we haven't found any substitutes because everyone else is sick or has sick kids. Fortunately, we already had planned for tonight to be the time the harp group comes to demonstrate, so that gives us an activity that takes up most of the evening, plus some bonus adults, but not all the kids can do that at once, so we need at least one other adult. I may kidnap the first parent who shows up.

My main plan for the evening is to do a late Mardi Gras parade (we're doing our pancake supper tonight, then having the Ash Wednesday service, so I figure Mardi Gras lasts until the service starts) and let the kids march around to "When the Saints Go Marching In." I have the CD from the band I once sang with in the French Quarter. I may even get wacky and let them play rhythm band instruments along with it while we march. We're working on matching the rhythm in a song. Some of them can find the beat, but most of them don't yet seem to realize that there is a rhythm in a song. When I get the younger kids, I have a book/CD story song thing about riding on a train to visit Grandma, so there are lots of motions and "whoo whoo" things to do along with the song.

And then as many sick people as seem to be around, I plan to cover myself in hand sanitizer and take extra vitamin C. I'm still expecting to come down with something at any minute, after all the coughing and hacking that were around at last weekend's convention.

Tomorrow is going to be another (and I hope my last for a while) big painting day, so today's fun around the house is doing some prep work for that. I found actual floor space in my office yesterday, which was very exciting. Even in just half an hour of work, I can see a real difference, so I need to make a point of doing those half hours. I just have two and a half weeks to get the house ready to show.

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