Friday, May 16, 2014

The End of the TV Season

I was very good yesterday, getting more than 3,000 words written and taking an extra dance class (I have some to make up from when I was sick earlier in the year). Now my thighs are a little angry with me, but they'll live. I just have one more week of dance, and then a short break before the summer term. I'm a little nervous about summer because it's a teacher I haven't had before, since my teacher will be on maternity leave. My teacher gets that we're adults, not all of us have danced all our lives, and we're doing this for fun/exercise, not to make a career out of it. When we've had subs, sometimes they're a little too intense for our group, and then it's not fun anymore. But I don't want to take the summer off because then I'll turn into a slug. I actually need to find more ways to trick myself into exercising.

The main TV season is pretty much winding down, though these days there are summer shows, so it's not quite the vast wasteland of reruns it used to be. Most of my favorite shows were renewed or are coming to a natural end. One loss was Almost Human on Fox, which I thought was just starting to get into its potential. The other is one I got into late, The Crazy Ones on CBS, but I think my main interest there was seeing when Josh Grobin would show up. I love how as a singer he's so serious and dramatic, but as an actor, he's a raging goofball who specializes in playing characters who are clueless or jerks or clueless jerks, and it was interesting to see him holding his own against Robin Williams in a comedy, even if he was just in a minor recurring role (as the somewhat psycho jingle writer). Warehouse 13 is ending Monday, and while I've loved that show, I think it's time for it to end. While there have been some high points and brilliantly clever moments along the way, I still think it peaked in the first season. It just seemed tighter and the characters seemed more real then. It became a little cartoony along the way.

The Grimm season finale is tonight, so I can't judge how it compares to everything else, but it would be hard to top the Once Upon a Time finale for sheer fun. I liked that NCIS didn't feel obligated to have a cliffhanger. When every show ends every season with a big cliffhanger, the concept of the cliffhanger loses its impact. You expect it, and a good cliffhanger should leave you with a surprised, "Wait, that's it?" moment. When a show like Grimm can follow their "to be continued" screen with "oh, come on, you knew it was coming," you know cliffhangers have become run-of-the-mill. Though I did find their "Oh #&%*$!" instead of "to be continued" kind of amusing.

Now to go make a grocery list, run some errands and get my house in reasonable order before I get a little work done and then do some late-afternoon/early evening hiking. Tomorrow is going to be a good work/reading day.

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