Monday, May 12, 2014

Diva Moments

I got the book proofread, and it will go to my agent today. And then I can get back to its sequel, which means I'll get a package of copy edits on the steampunk book on my doorstep tomorrow. That seems to be how this works.

I had a minor trial by fire with the ensemble on Sunday morning, since the first soprano didn't show up for the rehearsal and barely slipped in at the start of the service, so I never got to practice with the full group and wasn't entirely sure which part I'd end up singing. It went pretty well, and I think I sang the right notes, or if I messed up, I likely sang the alto note, which still wasn't entirely "wrong" in an obvious way. I don't know what her deal was, if she forgot, overslept or got caught in traffic, but this is a big reason why I fit in better in the second soprano section, in spite of my voice. The stereotype of the first sopranos is that they tend to be flaky divas -- they're not entirely reliable and don't care because they know the world revolves around them. That's a bit of an exaggeration, and this girl seems nice (she's new, so I don't really know her well), so something really may have come up, but it's common enough behavior among sopranos that it's not entirely unexpected that the soprano will be the last to arrive in a group like this. Meanwhile, I'm obsessive enough to have practiced the piece thoroughly and then arrive early. I'd give myself a heart attack if I just breezed in right before a performance, and I'd be afraid the others wouldn't wait for me. I'd just assume they'd have planned around me and wouldn't want me to be part of the group if I wasn't there to rehearse.

But we got through it and sounded good. And I ended up with two Mother's Day flowers since I was in both services. We recognize all women for their role in the church (which actually was supposed to be the original idea of what became Mother's Day in the US), not just people who are literal mothers.

And then I had way too much fun with the season finale of Once Upon a Time. It worked like a nearly self-contained two-hour movie, and will be going on my swashbuckling fantasy romance shelf next to Stardust. How could I not love a fairy tale version of Back to the Future, starring Princess Leia?

I really need to write something like that.

But first, to finish the book I'm working on.

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