Monday, May 19, 2014

So Many Channels ...

It's really nice to have the kind of weekend you don't need a weekend to recover from. I love starting the week feeling fresh and revived. I did my social activity on Friday evening, then had a productive and restful Saturday. There was the usual church stuff and an extra choir rehearsal on Sunday, but otherwise I managed to do the things I'd planned, and I'm not starting the week feeling behind.

Even better, I have meals mostly taken care of for the week because I defrosted something that will cover at least a couple more meals, and I got a meatloaf on "manager's special" at the grocery store that I cooked last night. Last week was almost entirely vegetarian, so I guess this will be a meat week.

I did discover something new on TV this weekend while I was eating lunch/reading the newspaper/doing crossword puzzles/knitting: A Hallmark series called Signed, Sealed, Delivered. I've only watched the pilot so far, but it seems to be a quasi-anthology romantic comedy series. There seem to be some ongoing story lines among the main cast, but there's a different story for the main plot each week. It's about the dead letter office at the post office in what supposedly is (but totally isn't) Denver. The office is staffed by a group of quirky people and led by a very old-fashioned guy. When a new woman is assigned to the group, seemingly by mistake (she's supposed to be working with computers), she really shakes things up and gets them personally involved in tracking down the people and the stories around the lost letters. It's very sweet, so you have to be in the mood for that kind of thing, but if you are in the mood for that kind of thing, it hits the spot. I think they're kind of going for a faith-based approach, but so far the only nod to that is the acknowledgement that the boss is a believer who goes to church and whose faith has a lot to do with the way he approaches his work. Then again, for TV that's pretty heavy-handed, since he isn't a cop who's a lapsed Catholic confronting his faith in a Very Special Episode and he's not a villain trying to purify everyone. It's funny that there's a disclaimer at the end about how this isn't really the way the post office handles mail, and yet the US Postal Service logo is plastered all over everything, and there are lengthy monologues romanticizing the idea of letters, so I'm guessing there's some paid placement or sponsorship going on here.

I saw this OnDemand, but I recently discovered that I now have the Hallmark channel, along with a lot of others. I was theoretically supposed to start receiving them last year, but they finally showed up. And, apparently, Hallmark shows movies that are like those holiday movies, just without the "Christmas threw up all over the place" set design, all the time. Yes, whenever I want a fix, I can watch a cheesy, heartwarming romantic comedy, often with a paranormal twist.

BBCAmerica came with this, so now I don't have to wait for OnDemand or rely upon the kindness of friends when Doctor Who returns.

Though, strangely, this seems to be a case of a zillion channels with nothing on because whenever I have a viewing gap and it would be nice to just put something on for background noise, I still can't find anything to watch and have to resort to OnDemand. That's how I ended up watching this show. It looked like what I was in the mood for and it was about to expire, so it was now or never.

But I don't have much time for TV because I have a book to write. Now that I'm back in the swing of things, I'm hoping to really make tracks this week.

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