Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Retreating to Write

I made some really good progress yesterday, so I feel like I'm on something of a roll. Since I don't have any scheduled activities tomorrow, I may do a fake "writing retreat" for a couple of days. I'm always seeing other writer friends talking about making big progress on a book by hiding out in a hotel for a few days and writing non-stop. I don't see much point in the hotel, since I live alone and would have the same distractions in a hotel as I have at home (Internet and cable). Just figuring out what to bring and packing would eat up valuable potential writing time.

But maybe if I put myself in that mindset and shut out the outside distractions, I can move ahead. I'm a bit more than halfway through the book, so this is the home stretch. I don't need to cook because I cooked over the weekend and have a lot of leftovers, and for once I don't seem to have a lot of events or activities scheduled. However, it is the last few days of the Television Without Pity forums, so there needs to be some time online to say goodbye. After that ends, I imagine I'll have a lot more free time. Tonight's the last choir rehearsal for the summer, so until summer ballet starts in a couple of weeks, I won't have evening activities anymore. Still more time I could spend writing!

Maybe my productivity has something to do with activity levels. I've gone walking every day this week and stretched afterward. Today was a tea run to the Indian market, but otherwise I've been just taking at least a 20-minute walk every day. Studies do show that physical activity enhances creativity. It also helps that it's been kind of rainy the past few days, and I always work better on rainy days. That may be why it's really hard for me to write during the summer. Maybe I need to rig a garden hose to spray on my window to trick me into thinking it's a rainy day, with the right kind of awning to create that cloudy effect.

And now I need to go wish my dad a happy birthday.

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