Friday, May 24, 2013

Sidetracked (Again)

My moment of amusement for the day: In Target, a small child (toddler or preschool) being pushed in a shopping cart was singing "Master of the House" from Les Miserables at the top of his lungs, only with what he thought the words were instead of what the words really were. His mom shushed him before he really got going, so I didn't get to hear the full reinterpretation, but it was adorable. Then I provided some amusement to the guy running the self-check stands at Kroger when I attempted to reason with the computer. Out loud. He said, "I was just waiting to see who won."

I managed to get completely sidetracked yesterday, so I wrote nothing. I'd like to claim that my subconscious is really busy, but I'm not sure that's the case. I may be coming down with a mild cold or an allergy attack because I've been really tired and sneezing my head off, so that may be another excuse. Maybe something will happen today, or else the possible storms may give me more atmosphere for reading Wuthering Heights. I really am re-reading it, and I'm finding that I like it more this time around. It helps that this edition has Charlotte Bronte's intro, which clarifies that this isn't really supposed to be a romance. It's a character study. I think my initial reaction was mostly "Wait, this is supposed to be romantic?" but as a character study of sociopaths and the effect they have on the people around them it's rather brilliant.

My Sunday will be busy, and I'll be traveling Monday and Tuesday, so I plan to relax this evening and Saturday. Maybe I'll finally do that "retreat" for the next book. There may be a trip to the farmer's market tomorrow morning because I have to bake some cobblers for a church event and need to find some fruit.

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