Friday, May 17, 2013

New Book Day!

It's book release day, though this one has been trickling out, since we got it early to some of the places that are usually slow, but they got it out early this time, but then the places that usually allow pre-orders didn't this time. At any rate, the Kindle and Nook versions seem to be available, but for some reason Amazon isn't linking the Kindle and paperback versions as though they're one book, so you have to search the Kindle store specifically to get the Kindle version. Just searching the title doesn't give the Kindle version (at least, last time I checked). Here's the direct Kindle link.

I'm celebrating book release day by going to see the new Star Trek movie and then doing some home repairs with a friend. Actually, I think he'll be doing the repairs and I'll be acting as scrub nurse and handing him tools. To add to my list of problems, something has broken in my garage door opener -- not the more complicated electrical part, just a part that attaches the chain belt to the door itself. The Home Depot guys were baffled when I showed them a picture of the problem part because apparently my opener is an antique that's older than they are. We'll have to see if we can find a way to fix the broken part. That will likely require creative problem solving. Otherwise, I'll just have to replace the whole system, which would be a huge pain.

Proceeds from sales of the new book will go to the Keep Shanna's House Functioning Fund.

I need to learn to do more of these electrical and plumbing type repairs. I can do stuff like drywall, painting and minor carpentry, thanks to Habitat for Humanity, but they didn't let me play with the more complicated stuff.

Speaking of painting, who knew there were so many shades of pale blue? I still haven't picked a color for the downstairs bathroom. I thought I had it narrowed down, but then found a new card or two of samples yesterday that I will have to peruse and check against my existing blue items.

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NedaAnn said...

I just finished 'Kiss and Spell'. Thank you for another book and several hours of perfect enjoyment.