Monday, May 20, 2013

A Functioning Home

I had a productive and busy weekend. Thanks to those who contributed to the Keep Shanna's House Functioning Fund, and I hope you enjoyed your "thank you gift." I now have a working ceiling fan, garbage disposal and kitchen sink. The garage door opener is functioning but needs some professional maintenance. I also have a new doorbell that just requires a little bit of additional hardware. I'm now amazed at how long I went with these things not really working properly. I'm having to break a lot of habits, like re-learning to use both sides of the kitchen sink. I'm afraid I'm a little too good at adapting and getting used to a situation, to the point I don't feel all that moved to correct it. That explains why the contents of my office are spread out on the loft or piled up to the side. I just got used to something that was supposed to be temporary. I need to do something like set a timer and work on the office for a little bit each day until it's done. If I see steady progress and things change enough not to get used to it, that may help keep me going.

I had several hours worth of choir stuff on Saturday, then a double-length service, luncheon and retirement celebration for my pastor on Sunday. So it's my typical Monday lament of needing a weekend to recover from my weekend.

I did have some fun on Friday in seeing the new Star Trek film. I'm still not totally on board with the Star Trek reboot. I'd have preferred them to do new stories in that universe about different characters rather than re-doing the familiar (and iconic) characters. These mostly play to me as space action movies, not Star Trek movies. This one was a fun action film, but to me it came across as a parody of Star Trek, done in the style of an action movie, with lots of little inside jokes. Most of the inside jokes were funny or were amusing winks to the more devoted Trek fans in the audience, but there was a big callback in a major scene that just about ruined the movie for me. No spoilers, but making the big emotional climax of your film be essentially an inside joke just doesn't work. I think I was supposed to be deeply moved, but instead I was giggling hysterically as I acted out the scene along with the actors because I knew exactly how it would go, in spite of having never seen this movie before. When your core audience can quote the dialogue verbatim before it happens, you've got problems.

Then there was the season finale of Doctor Who, which actually validated one of my (many) theories about what was going on, but I still need to wrap my head around it.

Now to go put my house back to normal from all the things I had to move to do the repairs, and then I want to write.

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