Wednesday, May 08, 2013

New Book Info

My ballet teacher had a new CD for class, so last night we danced to the theme from Harry Potter, "YMCA" and a few other things that brought on giggle fits. And we planned out how a Harry Potter ballet would go. It would be fun to dance the Dementor role. They're talking about having an adult musical theater class in the fall, which would be too much fun, with dancing and singing. Musical theater has been a lifelong dream of mine which I doubt I'll ever really do (other priorities), but taking a class would be a way of kind of living it while counting it as exercise.

Now, drumroll please … the information on the new book. We may have a pre-order available soon, but the release is next Friday, so it's not going to be a long pre-order period. We've got the interior set up for the hard copy version, so it's possible that will be available more quickly this time. Now, the reveal of the cover:

You may notice that the fairy and the frog have kind of had their own narrative happening on each of the covers, and that seems to have reached a happy ending here.

We're still finalizing the cover text, but this is the gist of it:  

With great power comes great danger…

When a freak accident leaves Katie Chandler with magical powers, it seems like a wish come true for the former magical immune. But it also means she’s vulnerable to magic, just when the dangerous Elf Lord is cooking up another scheme in his bid for power. Anyone who gets in his way disappears—including Katie and her wizard boyfriend, Owen Palmer.

Now Katie’s under a spell that obscures her true identity, living a life right out of a romantic comedy movie in a Hollywood set version of New York. Will she be able to find her true Mr. Right in time to break the spell with a kiss, or will she be trapped forever, unaware of the doom facing her world and unable to warn anyone?

This was a really fun but really difficult book to write because there's a story within the story, and that story involves the same characters but in a totally different situation, almost like alternate universe fanfic of my own series, but I still had to show that it was actually part of the greater story.

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NedaAnn said...

I'm very excited for the new book.