Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stirrings of Spring

I had a productive morning in which I got most of the errands I've been procrastinating about done in one fell swoop. Yay! That included getting the knitting supplies, so now I can practice a bit on the right kind of needles. I've never used circular needles before. This project doesn't require knitting in a circle, just using the extra length to hold a wide project. Still, I suspect there will be logistical things to get used to, so I'll practice a bit before I actually start the blanket.

They had tulips in the "manager's special" section of the grocery store flower shop, so I now have fresh flowers in my living room. Although I do enjoy cold weather, I'm starting to get the first stirrings of spring fever. That means we'll probably get snow next week.

I'm very close to being able to make my big announcement, but I have to coordinate it with some other people. Let's just say it's something I'm very excited about.

Meanwhile, I think I've decided what my next new project will be. It's actually a rewrite, but one of those rewrites that really is a rewrite, not a revision. I had this idea for a book late in my college years. A few years after I graduated, I wrote the first chapter and a synopsis for a writing competition being held in conjunction with a conference I was attending. And I won. Then I finished writing the book and submitted it a few places. It was rejected. But I could never really forget about the characters and the story. I reread it recently and found that I loved the voice and the characters and situation, but the plot didn't quite work. It was very episodic instead of driving toward something. And, in general, I wasn't a good enough writer at the time to do the story justice. But the characters and situation are perfect for what I need right now, and I've improved drastically as a writer since I wrote the first version. So, I'm going to start from scratch, writing it as though it's a brand-new book.

But there are a few other things to get off my plate first, which means my subconscious will have plenty of time to play with it.

Now I need to go figure out something for the kids to do tonight. We have a new song to start learning, which means I need to learn it. Otherwise, I may bring some ballet music and just let them dance (while indoctrinating them with classical music).

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