Monday, February 18, 2013

I Declare a Holiday

It's the Monday after a convention weekend, and although it was a pretty low-key convention at which I mostly just hung out with friends, I'm still dead tired. It's a holiday in a lot of places, so I may declare it a holiday for myself.

I think the best panel/presentation I attended, including the ones I was on, was an unofficial, impromptu one in which we got the scoop on the "asteroid go boom" incident in Russia from a NASA scientist. Though it wasn't very reassuring to hear how many objects that size are nearby and how we can't see most of them. Our former HOA manager used to say our roofs could survive a direct meteor strike, and I guess I'll just tell myself that it's true so I can sleep at night. The fact that our roofs can survive a direct meteor strike is actually a problem because apparently the material under the roofs isn't so good, but because the outer part is so sturdy, we can't manage to get the roofs replaced and have insurance pay for it after a good hailstorm, since hail doesn't damage these roofs. They're concrete fake clay tile. Anyway, when the meteor storm hits, party at my place, if you can dodge falling objects to get here.

In other news, I'm in Downton Abbey denial, and I had a weird dream last night in which I was secretly a famous sculptor whose work was all over downtown, in the lobbies of all the big high rises. Strangely, this came as a shock to me because I didn't remember making those sculptures. I also finally figured out how to do more than just crochet one long chain. I've been trying to learn to crochet since I was a kid, and it never worked, but it finally clicked. I don't think I'm to the point of being able to actually make anything, but it's rather therapeutic just randomly crocheting while I watch TV. Maybe my sculptures in the dream were crochet sculptures.

And now to enjoy my holiday/recovery day.

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