Friday, February 15, 2013

Musical Adventures with Kindergarteners

I'll be at ConDFW this weekend. I'm not scheduled for anything today, and I'm very close to being well but not quite there yet, so I may just stay home and hope I'll be 100 percent Saturday, when I have programming. I have a panel at noon Saturday on self-editing and one at 6 on surviving in parallel worlds. Sunday at noon I have a reading, and I have a panel at 2 on short stories vs. novels. There's something big that I will informally announce this weekend at the con. Stay tuned for an official announcement here later.

The latest in musical adventures with kindergarteners: There's a man in the church who collects flutes, and he brought his collection to show the kids. We worked on the bigger=lower tone, smaller=higher tone concept with the flute vs. the piccolo. He also had a didgeridoo, and the most angelic-looking little girl blurted, "That sounds like someone's stomach doesn't feel well." Another girl decided she wanted the shrillest glass flute because it would be good for getting her sister out of her room. I play the flute, so it doesn't generally occur to me that it's something pretty difficult to do until I try to teach kids the concept of blowing across the top instead of straight into it. Usually only one or two per class can actually make a sound on it. I'm not sure any of this bunch managed it, but they'd have had to stop bouncing off walls long enough to really try.

We also worked on incorporating scarves into the song we're singing next Sunday. It's sort of a liturgical dance/rhythmic gymnastics (but without the actual gymnastics -- though they really want to do cartwheels) thing so no one falls asleep during the song. They learned how to do it pretty quickly, though one did lament that they weren't as good at it as I was. I pointed out that I'd spent the day practicing so I could teach them. Seeing how they handle it in church will be interesting.

Now to see if I can force my sinuses to completely clear in the next 24 hours.

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