Thursday, February 28, 2013

Snake Wrestling and Child Wrangling

It's a good thing I decided to practice with the circular knitting needles. The nylon cable connecting the needles kept trying to spring back into the shape it had been forced into by the packaging, so it was like trying to knit while wrestling a snake. Knit one, BOINNNNNGGGG, retrieve the stitch that flew off the needle, forcibly hold the needles steady in order to knit the next stitch, BOINNNNGGGG, you get the idea. The tension got really crazy from wrestling the needles into submission, so the stitches were very uneven, and then I'd lose my place in the pattern. I imagine the needles will actually be more under control with the full 151 stitches on them, but it will also help to let the cable relax a little out of the package.

I do rather like the idea of these needles because they're so easily weaponized. They're the perfect combination of pointy things plus a garrote. When I become an unlikely elderly superspy, this will be my weapon of choice. I'll only look like a harmless knitting granny.

But I'm on deadline, so I won't start my blanket until maybe the weekend.

On the kindergarten front, my schemes seem to be working. They actually requested Beethoven. Well, technically, they requested "the thunderstorm music," which is the tempest movement from the Pastoral symphony, but hey, they can call it what they like as long as they're getting some appreciation for classical music. We were busy pretending to be birds flying through a storm when the organist walked by the open door of the room. And yes, I was being a bird, too. Fortunately, she has small children, so she understood. We also started learning about Palm Sunday, and then one girl insisted on reading the sheet music for that song over my shoulder, with me pointing out where we were on the song. I wanted to encourage her interest, but I also had a room full of other kids I needed to deal with while the other teacher was out dealing with a kid who'd gone to the bathroom and fallen in and needed dry clothes.

I will not be giving up my writing career to become a full-time kindergarten teacher anytime soon.

On the up side, one of the kids baked cookies with her mom that day, and they brought me some. Then I sat with several of my girls at dinner, which was highly entertaining because they're just so strange. There's a lot I get about them, but then there's just some stuff that must come from some alien place in their psyche.

Kindergarten teacher may be out, but child psychology could be fun.

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