Friday, February 22, 2013

Lateness and Waiting

I did not get an auspicious start to the day. I have a lot to do, so I planned to get started at a reasonable hour. I woke at a reasonable hour, and then I thought I'd take a moment to gather my thoughts for the day. I lay there and mentally ran through my to-do list, planning how I'd fit in the things I needed to do. There were a few mental rabbit trails as thinking of one thing would lead to a train of thought. Then I glanced at the clock and saw that it was an hour and a half later. It really did feel like just five minutes, so I must have fallen asleep again without realizing it. Then I started thinking about how I'd have to readjust my day, and then the phone rang. As soon as I answered, a recorded voice said "please continue holding," which irked me because, hello, you called me. If you weren't ready to talk to me, you shouldn't have called. I actually stayed on the line to tell them this, and it turned out that the call was for the person who last lived in this house. That was really weird because I brought my phone number with me and had it for five years before I moved here -- nearly 15 years ago. I never met this woman, though I did get mail addressed to her for a while. She was a renter, and I bought the house from her landlord. I get the impression she has some bad debt issues and that they're doing a reverse directory thing, looking up the phone number that goes with her past addresses. Every few years, I get a phone call for her. But you'd think after fifteen years, they'd know she's probably not at this address anymore. At least that made me finally get out of bed -- 30 minutes after the last time I looked at the clock.

But that's not the only thing I'm behind on. I know last week I said I'd have something to announce this week, but it turned out things were moving even more slowly than I expected, and the delay is not due to me. It's due to other people getting stuff done. It was supposed to be done last Friday afternoon, but then there was an issue, and it couldn't be resolved until after the Monday holiday, and then apparently that took longer to resolve than they expected and is going through some bureaucracy. I'm paranoid enough not to put anything on the Internet where it's searchable and will remain forever until everything is finalized and I have something in writing. So, you will have to wait. Trust me, I'm more impatient than you are. This is probably why I was suddenly compelled to take up crochet. I needed a way to work off the nervous energy and anticipation.

Oh, and so far, all guesses of what it's about have been wrong.

Now to try to catch up on my day. It will be a busy weekend, with a choir rehearsal across town tomorrow morning and then my kindergarten choir singing in the early service on Sunday. I also have to lead singing for preschool Sunday school and sing in the late service. There may be hibernation on Sunday afternoon.

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