Friday, August 26, 2011

When Am I?

In my effort to get back on the right time zone, I set my alarm this morning. It helped that as incentive to get up, the channel formerly known as SciFi is doing a Primeval marathon, and the 7 a.m. episode was the last from the first season. The first season was a great deal of fun, and there was some promise in the second season after the timeline was changed, except they never really explored the timeline shift to the full extent and a lot of things in the new timeline made no sense. For instance, in the original timeline, the whole operation was very ad hoc, so it made sense that the idiot slacker undergrad who was into conspiracy theories and News of the Weird tabloid stuff would be part of the team, because he was the one who found out about strange things they needed to investigate, and then silly zookeeper girl just happened to be in the right place at the right time, so she fell into the team. They weren't funded at all, so it wasn't like they could recruit anyone else. They were stuck with the people who were in on the secret and willing to volunteer. But in the new timeline, it was this huge, official government operation, so you'd think they'd have handpicked the best and brightest. I could buy the paleontologist who was the expert on this stuff being part of the operation, along with his uber-competent big-game hunter/wilderness survival expert research assistant, but they never came up with any explanation why the too-stupid-to-live twins were on this team. And then they totally forgot about the timeline shift (including referencing specific events that happened pre-shift that supposedly these characters never experienced) and the characters I liked all left, leaving us with just the Too Stupid to Live Twins (I never really forgave them for killing off the hot, tall, dark-haired, blue-eyed guy). I've still been watching, when they bother to post episodes OnDemand, but it's not as much fun as that first season was. It has been interesting after seeing Chaos to see James Murray back in serious mode where he's not tossing off charming and droll one-liners while wearing a three-piece suit.

On another TV note, Doctor Who returns this weekend. I think I need to rewatch the mid-season finale, but finding time will be a challenge, since it's going to be a very busy weekend between choir stuff and going to visit my parents. That also means I won't get much online time, so I'll be bursting to analyze and discuss everything from both Doctor Who and Haven.

I did become more coherent yesterday and managed my med school writing. I've also been working on a new soundtrack/musical collage for the current book. This will be the third soundtrack so far for this book, but it keeps shifting as I hone in on the core of what it's about. Sometimes this sounds like procrastination or time wasting, but I came up with some ideas yesterday while listening to music that I think will really raise the stakes for everyone and create a real dilemma. I wouldn't have come up with these twists without the music, so I think it's a worthwhile exercise.

And now that I've been awake for several hours, I'm craving a nap, but I must stay awake so I can get to sleep on time tonight so I can get up in time for a choir rehearsal tomorrow.

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