Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Conquering the To-Do List

I made a little progress in adjusting the body clock by staying up late writing last night. I was still awake early but fell back asleep. And now I feel like a slug for sleeping so late. I guess I've bought into those cultural expectations.

I just talked myself out of getting a haircut before I go to WorldCon. My hair has reached my waist (when it's stretched out instead of all curly), but I mostly wear it up, so the length doesn't matter that much. I'm about haircuts the way some people are about going to the dentist. I need to find a new stylist, since I didn't like the last one (the one who insisted on straightening my hair over my objections -- a good way to piss me off) and the one before that blew me off when I tried to make an appointment and then never followed up when I left a message requesting an appointment. The one before that vanished, leaving the salon and not telling anyone where she was going. I wouldn't think that in today's economy it would be wise to ignore or alienate customers. I don't have time this week to find a new stylist, so I guess I'll just keep wearing my hair up. I can say I'm being steampunk by having Victorian hair.

There's your tip for the day: the key to getting through a long to-do list is removing items from the list.

I think part of my reluctance to go out and find someone to cut my hair is also to do with needing a bit of an introvert retreat. I had a very busy and social weekend, which was fun, but it left me drained. I've got a busy/social weekend ahead of me, followed by a week of being "on." Getting a haircut can be an uncomfortable social situation, especially with a new stylist. It's like a cocktail party where you're trapped in a chair, talking to the same near-stranger. And then there's the stress about what will happen with your hair. So, yeah, probably best to let myself stay in the cave for a day instead of pushing myself. Besides, I have tons of work to do at home.

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