Saturday, August 20, 2011

Being Arty

Yesterday was a more typical convention day for me. I guess I went more "arty" than I usually do, as I visited the art show and went to an artist presentation. I had a fun surreal moment in the art show. I was getting a close-up look at the sketches for the A Song of Ice and Fire calendar when I noticed a gentleman standing next to me, looking at the same sketches. I stepped out of the way so he could get closer, then realized it was George R.R. Martin. It was kind of cool to be looking at that art with him. The artist, John Picacio, is a friend (and the main reason I keep ending up with the Cool Kids at cons), and he got a kick out of the story. He was the artist whose presentation I went to. I'm not a very visually oriented person, and I thought it might be interesting to hear the artist talk about the process behind the art. I ended up playing tech support when the projector wasn't working. I knew what to do on his Mac to make it work with the projector, so I was able to figure out that the problem was with the projector, and sure enough, when they brought a new projector it worked fine.

Then I managed to stay at parties until after midnight. As a result, I'm barely awake today. I made it through a few panels and now will need a big nap before the Hugo Awards.

The Texas bid won for WorldCon in 2013, so that year I'll just have to go down to San Antonio. That means I'll be able to save some money for going to London in 2014 (assuming their bid wins).

It looks like other than forgetting the camera cable, my packing was on target. I'll have used or worn everything I brought, except for maybe a couple of pairs of socks. That's how I judge my packing effectiveness. I haven't brought unnecessary stuff if I use everything I brought. Now I'm trying to decide if I want to use one of the swimsuits or take my nap now.

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