Friday, August 19, 2011

Dangerous Dancing

Yesterday's "I haven't done this at a con" adventure involved dancing. They had a session teaching the Victorian rotary waltz, which got my brain all tangled up because it's the opposite of the Viennese waltz I know. Then there was a "tea dance" afterward, where I seemed to be much in demand as a dancing partner. That meant three hours of pretty vigorous dancing (the waltz is not for wimps). It was a ton of fun, but I'm paying for it today. That hip flexor muscle I pulled in jazz class last week is now objecting loudly to what I put it through yesterday. I'm barely mobile today.

I think today may be a more typical convention day, as there are panels I want to attend. And then there may be hot tub time so that maybe I'll be able to walk again without pain.

On the up side, there was more cello music at the dance, and I bought the musician's CD because it was really lovely stuff and I think it will be good writing music because it fits the mood of something I've been thinking about/working on.

Last night after a post-waltz nap I hit the party circuit briefly. I had two people I didn't know see my nametag and mention loving my books, so I felt like a minor celebrity. I had some brief conversations shouted in passing with friends, but those parties get very loud and very crowded, and someone who doesn't deal well with noise or crowds (like me) can't deal with that for long. I may be back to hanging out in the lobby bar with my friends tonight. There's more space and it's a little quieter.

I did discover that in all my efficient packing, I forgot one thing: the USB cable for my camera. So I'll have to wait until I get home to post pictures. I haven't taken many, but there is one that is rather fun.

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