Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rolling Heads

I seem to be simultaneously on two different schedules. I'm falling asleep on Central time and waking up on Pacific time, with some middle-of-the-night bouts of wakefulness in between. I had choir last night, which tends to wire me and make sleep difficult, but I have ballet tonight, which should tire me out some, and then I'll have to set an alarm in the morning to force me onto Central time, as this weekend will involve some morning activities. I've got a choir retreat on Saturday and then have to sing in the early service on Sunday. For someone with almost no internal clock, time differences can really get to me. I'd be happy to just get out of the fog I've been in all week. I got a little extra time for my medical school work because writing about medicine just hasn't been happening this week, and I have some convention PR work to get started on, if I could just focus the brain.

I'd forgotten to post the few photos I took, so here are a couple:

First, the throne from the A Game of Thrones series has a new inhabitant. This may have to be my FenCon staff photo for next year. Just sitting there made me want to order beheadings.

And then there was this lovely depiction of the Discworld.

On an entirely unrelated note, this article shows that there may be some hope for a dropped series getting another chance. But it takes a big effort by the fans, with an influential blogger getting involved, and the author can't do much more than let fans know what's going on so that they can spontaneously take action. If you want to take that as a hint, then go for it. You can't let another group of fans make you look like total slackers, can you?

And, finally, last week a few people were encouraging me to get on Twitter. So far, I have little interest in that sort of thing. I can't say anything in under 140 characters, and I can't imagine that many people caring what I have to say. The thought of one more social media thing makes me twitchy, and I stay offline most of the day. But if it can raise my profile and help boost book sales, which could lead to more books, I suppose it's something I must do. Any thoughts or advice on the topic of Twitter?

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