Friday, May 18, 2007

Stupid Tired Again

I am now home and likely to remain that way for a while. I'm having dinner with friends Saturday night, but otherwise will avoid the car for a while. That's a very long drive to make two days in a row.

I know I said I'd deal with reader e-mail, Great Blog Campaign stuff and blog comments today, but I'm stupid tired again so I think I'm going to deal with a few businessy must-dos and otherwise take the day off to rest. It's a lovely day, so I may spend it on the patio with a book. I'll hit the ground running with work stuff next week. The to-do list is getting full again. I have a few more tweaks to make to book 4 (which means I'll probably do another pass on the entire thing), some critiques to do for a writing workshop, plus I need to update the web site with the behind the scenes info for the latest book. I have lots of photos to go with this one. I may even post the alternate ending, though it probably shouldn't be read without Prozac, alcohol or chocolate handy (I was pretty depressed when I wrote the first draft).

I had all kinds of eloquent things to say about the drive and about the variety of musical theater I listened to along the way, but I'm not even stringing words together well today, so maybe I'll hold it until later. I keep having to go back and fix where I wrote the wrong word or blended two words, so I'm not sure I could be coherent and eloquent today.

Yep, it's a book and patio kind of day. Maybe a nap. Back on Monday with coherence!

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