Monday, May 21, 2007

Moderately Coherent Now

Okay, I think I'm now all relaxed and rejuvenated (though maybe not -- at first I accidentally typed "not" instead of "now" -- typo or Freudian slip?). The weekend was gorgeous, and I spent most of it taking long walks and sitting on the patio and reading. Because of how much I've enjoyed the last couple of Sundays, I've decided to start a new policy of no work on Sundays, unless there's some kind of weekend event. It's not that I generally spend a lot of time working on Sundays, but I usually feel like I should be doing something, and that means I don't start anything else because I think I'll be starting to work soon. I may even make it to the computer, but then I waste a lot of time thinking about how I need to get to work. By taking even the option of work out of the picture, it's amazing how much free time that gives me, and the free time is more enjoyable without the guilt. I'm also trying to make Sundays a no-computer day. That makes work even less likely and frees up more time, while also being good for my eyes, my wrists and my posture. The down side is it means I face Monday morning with a pretty big in-box that takes me longer to plow through.

I was getting all excited about the new Sunday freedom and all the things I can do with that time until I realized that after this next weekend, I won't have too many free Sundays this summer. But then in the fall and winter it will be lovely.

Dealing with e-mail, blog comments and Great Blog Campaign stuff is on today's to-do list. I think I'll extend the GBC throughout the month of May, just for fun and because I've slacked off in dealing with it.

Sadly, my weekend reading was rather disappointing. I'd caught a few super-clearance, half-off the bargain price sales at all these bookstores I've been visiting, and picked up a few things on a whim, but none of them were books I'd recommend. A couple of them inspired a rant I may get to sometime in the future. Then there was one book by an author I've loved and read before. I bought one of her books in England and have never seen her for sale in the US, then saw a hardcover by her on the bargain table. It's a British edition, so it never was on sale in the US until it was remaindered. I picked it up without caring much what it was about because I liked that other book so much, and it appears that she's changed what she's writing. I'm not sure yet if it's that I don't like what she's writing now, or if it's just the contrast with what I was expecting that disappointed me. The book I read before was cute and charming, with really nice characters, and this one is more of a sprawling saga in which all of the characters are deeply flawed in an annoying way -- not just good person with flaws, but some of them seem to be truly bad people, and that's the main characters I think we're supposed to be cheering for.

I think I'm about to start writing a new project today, and that's exciting. It's one I've been brainstorming for ages, but last night it fell into place in my head with an almost audible click, and now I'm suddenly seeing scenes play out, hearing the characters' voices, and seeing the characters come to life. I think that's one of my favorite parts about writing.

And now I have a HUGE to-do list (one bit of work I did do over the weekend), so off to work I go.

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