Tuesday, May 01, 2007

D Day!!!

So, it's release day! Do you have your copy yet? I haven't gone out to visit it in a bookstore yet. I did the check inventory thing online for B&N and Borders, and all the B&N stores in my area say it's not in stock yet, and a few Borders say it's in stock while the rest say it's on order. The computer system may not yet be up on what's actually in the stores, but I don't want to depress myself too much. I do have to go out today to go pick up my class evaluation, and I want to make fajitas for dinner but don't have an onion, so I may drop by the neighborhood store while I'm out and see what they have.

I distracted myself from the anticipation yesterday by getting my car a good check-up before I hit the road to drive all over Texas. I also went to Target and got a Mother's Day present while also forgetting something I originally went for. Then while I was walking down the strip mall to the art supply store to get booksigning pens, I was attacked by a marauding shoe store. I went in looking for a new pair of black ballet flats to replace my rather battered old ones, but there's something odd about all the kinds they had. The proportions were off, or something, because they didn't fit or look like the pair I have and like. I ended up buying a different kind of black flats that are a little dressier and more sophisticated. They're very Audrey Hepburn, and I feel like I should be wearing them with skinny black pants and a turtleneck sweater. Those will fill the need I had for new black flats, which was for something I could wear with dressier things, and my old ones will continue doing just fine for casual wear, mostly to go with jeans and t-shirts to the grocery store.

Results of the Great Blog Campaign are rolling in!

Here's a blog post. For those on LiveJournal, you can join the Enchanted, Inc. community (and even if you're not on LJ, go check out the very cool book trailer posted there).

There's also an interview with Katie and an interview or two with me.

Meanwhile, here's where I am on the Girlfriends Cyber Circuit, with various interviews that may have a dash or two of new info in them. Martha O'Connor, Sara Rosett and Julie Kenner.

I have to be very careful about reading all this stuff or I'll get a big head. One thing that has brought me back to earth is the fact that TimeWarner doesn't seem to be posting this week's episode of Robin Hood on OnDemand. I'm pouting. We'd best not get another round of severe storms tonight so that I miss the ending of House again. I think it's all a scheme to force me to buy DVD sets. Now, off to the bookstore!

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