Monday, March 19, 2007

Status Check

It appears that I'm finally going to get to have a "normal" week, with no major events or upheavals (unless something else breaks). It may be the last one for a long time, since I'm ramping up into book release mode. I'm already planning a relaxing weekend for reading/movies/writing, and they're forecasting storms, so that would be perfect. Then next week I go to New York, and then April starts all the speaking at conferences and libraries, and then May 1 the book comes out, and the summer is filling up with conventions. So, this seems like a good time to pause to re-group and check status on a variety of things.

The house is still clean, even after the Sunday newspaper, which is usually the bane of my existence. We'll see how long I can maintain this until I start getting busy and lazy. Anyone want to start a pool? Next I plan to start tackling digital clutter -- my e-mail in-box. I have a scary backlog built up that I really need to deal with.

I still have that crazy crush on the weekend anchorman. Hey, maybe he'll see the article about me and fall in love. Um, yeah, right. In my dreams.

No word yet on the prospects of a book 5. It may be a few more weeks. I'm developing a proposal for another series, in the meantime.

I actually exercised this weekend. I got out the DVDs I got on clearance at Ross and did the workouts. Yay, me! It's amazing what I find the time to do when I'm not lying around and feeling guilty about my house being a mess.

I'm now officially hooked on the BBC Robin Hood. Oh, I hope they put the whole thing up on OnDemand. I might also be slightly in love with Robin. Noble self-sacrifice with a sense of humor gets me every time, plus he's a real cutie (even if he does look like he's about twelve).

My interest in Battlestar Galactica had waned somewhat this season, but they've got me hooked again.

Speaking of the digital backlog, I feel like such a slug that I keep forgetting to post this, but my friend Sheridan, a fellow survivor of one of my former scary bosses (one who hasn't yet made it into a book), does the Team in Training thing for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She does a hundred-mile bike ride around Lake Tahoe and is one of the coaches who helps others do this event. If you'd like to support the cause and be part of making someone ride a hundred miles, you can donate here.

Remember that if you want to win an early copy of book 4, you can "enter" by blogging about book 3, and you can contact me if you want an interview or something. You can see the details in this entry.

And, finally, if you need some cute in your life or a smile, you need to check this out. Warning, it's probably not dial-up friendly because it's photo-intensive. May cause laughing out loud or "awww"-ing out loud. Not recommended for those with an aversion to cute animals or text-messaging lingo. This one is probably my favorite.

And now to get to work.

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