Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Clean Sweep

My house is currently in a very strange state. It's clean -- really clean. Thanks to a generous donor (aka Dad), I hired Molly Maids to give it a good once-over after I got the clutter out of the way, and now it almost looks like no one lives here. Well, except for the office, which looks like a creative, disorganized (but clean!) person works here, and for parts of the bedroom (the scary bookcase). I still suffer from having too much junk and too little storage, but I will not be ashamed to have a reporter in my living room.

The odd thing is, the place looks very naked without the usual clutter. I may have to get some decor items. My living room is pretty big and has a very high vaulted ceiling, so there are a lot of white walls, and I have off-white carpet, but my furniture is rather dark.

I'm one of those lunatics who feels the need to clean before the maid comes over, though I did have a burst of sanity and refrained from getting out the vacuum cleaner this morning before the maid got here. I'd been thinking that what I need is a pretend cleaning service -- if I make an appointment, then I'll go nuts cleaning the house and won't need the maid to do anything. But now that I've seen what they did, I realize they go deeper and more thorough than I have the patience or attention span for.

Meanwhile, I got most of my work for the day done while they were cleaning the downstairs. Now I just have to deal with the difficult stuff like what to wear for the interview and what points I want to be sure to cover.

And now I'm almost afraid to move, touch anything or do anything. This is why I hate getting my house clean. I end up feeling paralyzed. It's also why I never completely clean my office. I'd never be able to get any work done in a totally clean office.

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