Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Gloom Lifts

It finally rained starting yesterday afternoon and throughout the night, so the sense of looming, impending doom has been lifted. I also watched the new Robin Hood episode and a mini-marathon of early season 2 Battlestar Galactica episodes, which made me feel much better. As usual, watching people whose lives are worse than mine helped give me a sense of perspective that lightened my gloomy mood. When I get like that, comedies don't help because those people's lives feel sunnier, rosier and happier than mine, and that makes me feel worse. Why don't I have cute, if embarrassing, encounters with gorgeous men when I'm walking down the street, minding my own business? It's no fair!

And am I the only person who finds Sex and the City depressing in general? Those people's lives seem so empty and meaningless. All these supposedly intelligent women, and all they can talk about is men and sex? Do any of them ever actually read books when they're not a prop for picking up guys? Then there's the way they tend to treat the men in their lives. Carrie was a total psycho with men, and I find myself watching that and thinking, "She can get a boyfriend -- many boyfriends -- and I can't find one?" So, yeah, that was a bad OnDemand choice in the mood I was in. I can only watch that when I'm feeling good about myself and can look down on those fictional harpies. Starbuck may have been a lunatic when it came to relationships, but she had value in her life beyond her love life. There was blowing stuff up, flying, teaching others to fly, having a cause and even having something to believe in. Thus the abrupt switch from Sex and the City to Battlestar Galactica for mood-lifting viewing. I guess I'm waving my geek flag here, but at least geeks have more to obsess about than shoes (not that shoes are a bad thing to obsess about, but there has to be more to life than that).

I must be hitting the big time as a blogger because I'm starting to get some spam comments. It took years for them to start to show up, so I'm guessing it's because there are now more links to me, or something. I keep hearing people talk about the vast numbers of spam comments they get, so I was feeling unloved and left out.

In addition to my trip to New York tomorrow and all the fun last-minute planning (I'm trying to figure out if I have time to get away from the city to visit one nearby thing that works as a location for a couple of potential projects, so there's train schedule checking), I have a couple more things to be happy about today. There's a new episode of House on after a long hiatus (stupid American Idol), and I just discovered that Damsel Under Stress got a four-star review in Romantic Times magazine. They've moved me from "chick lit" to "paranormal fiction," which I think is appropriate because this book is far more fantasy than it really is chick lit. Actually, I gave up trying to write to fit expectations for any particular genre and am just writing what the book needs to be. These days, I seem to be pretty much my own genre.

And now to start figuring out what to wear and get to packing so I can catch an early flight tomorrow.

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