Friday, March 02, 2007

Post-Book Recovery Time

Just a quick post before I dash off for my post-book recovery weekend.

Finishing a book is a lot like the end of the semester from my school days. The end is particularly stressful with final exams and big projects due, and then it suddenly drops off, all at once, so that you feel relieved but also a little lost. You can't even enjoy just goofing off because you still have that nagging feeling that there's something you should be doing. Obviously, you're forgetting something important if you have actual free time.

And, wouldn't you know it, everything I like to watch on TV was in reruns on my first guilt-free night in ages? I watched the reruns anyway because the ultimate in mindless TV is watching reruns. It's stuff you know you'll like, and you won't miss anything if you zone out, but if you do pay attention you might catch something you missed before. There were also chocolate cupcakes. In the aftermath of sending the book in Wednesday, and while I was procrastinating working on the House essay, I had a sudden craving for baked goods. I found a cake mix in the cabinet that had just passed its "best by" date. I figured it would be a shame to waste it, so I made cupcakes. I didn't have any icing or even any ingredients for icing, but I melted a Dove Promise on top of one and smeared it around a little bit. Then on my way to class yesterday I bought some chocolate fudge icing so I could really enjoy the cupcakes. I may even stop just icing the tops. Instead, I'll take them out of their paper cups and spread icing all around them. Anyway, there are worse ways to spend an evening than watching My Name is Earl, The Office and Supernatural while eating chocolate cupcakes with fudge icing.

Now I'm making sure to pack workout clothes so I can use my parents' home gym this weekend.

I may give myself a little latitude with work next week, but I need to start my publicity effort in earnest, I have a book proposal to develop, and I'm speaking Monday at the public library in Wylie. I also need to do some handouts for a conference I'll be speaking at in April. Plus, I have to sing again next week for my music class. I'd been practicing the Italian song, but it turns out that we're supposed to do the same song again, supposedly with improvements from all the practice we've been doing since the last time. Oops. Looks like I'll be singing in the car while I drive to my parents' house. Speaking of which, it's time to load up and head out.

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Jessica said...

Reading about you and your cupcakes reminded me about my boyfriend and how I could picture him forgetting about the cupcakes and just sitting in front of the tv eating the tub of fudge icing watching reruns of Friends, or even Full House. But hey, I'd probably do the same thing. Good luck with the singing though, and wow, everything else on that busy schedule you have there.