Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Updates

The house remains clean (we may be going for a record here). I do still have some sorting/organizing to do in the office, but that's a little overwhelming to me right now. I started feeling the effects of the weekend exercise yesterday afternoon and am now barely moving (ouch). I think today's exercising will be some yoga, and then I'll have to make sure to do the workout that left me sore again because it seems to have worked.

I did some updating to my web site yesterday. The first page or so of Damsel Under Stress has been posted, I've updated my list of public appearances, and I put together a page on the Great Blog Campaign to make it easier to keep track of how it works and what to do. In case you're coming here via a friends link or blog subscription and don't have easy access to my web address, you can find my site here. I'll add a longer excerpt from the new book and a few other goodies next month, leading up to the big release date.

For those asking where I might be coming on this round of "book tour," it will likely -- unless something earthshattering happens -- be limited to places I can drive to from Dallas. Not that I'm afraid of airplanes, but airplanes cost money. I do have some promo money from my publisher, but it wouldn't cover plane tickets. Right now, that means my "tour" will cover Texas, Oklahoma and maybe Louisiana. I know I'm doing a bookstore event near Austin, and I will likely have signings in Dallas and Tyler. Otherwise, I'm hitting the science fiction convention circuit in the Texas/Oklahoma area, so I'll be in Dallas a couple of times, Oklahoma City, Houston, Tulsa and probably Austin (since I just found that invitation in my spam folder). You have to sell a lot of books at a signing to make it even start to pay off, and I'm not yet at the level where my publisher thinks I'm likely to sell enough books at any one place for them to want to pay for me to go there other than giving me gas money for the Saturn. I'm trying to focus my travel on events where there's more going on than just me sitting behind a table and signing books. It's all about building to that level, and I may get there someday with all you fabulous people supporting me along the way.

Meanwhile, convention attendees in this region are probably going to become sick of me.

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