Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Wardrobe Dilemmas (and other burning questions)

I didn't realize I was being prophetic yesterday when I said it wouldn't take much to be able to get the living room to the point of not being afraid to open the front door if a friend came to pick me up to go out. A friend from out of town called last night, said he was in town for business, and we'll be going to dinner tonight. So now it looks like I have to get the living room to the point of not being afraid to open the door when a friend comes to pick me up to go out. Unfortunately, the main thing you see when I open the front door is the staircase, and that's currently serving as my filing system. As I sort through the downstairs stuff, I sort it out on the stairs, with a step for each category. It all has to wait there until the office is in a state where things can be moved there and put into place, and that's going to take a while.

With all the events I have coming up, I have to start thinking about wardrobe planning. There's a strong possibility of overlapping attendance, so I have to be careful not to duplicate outfits. We're at the time of year in Texas when the weather is even more bipolar than usual, which makes it hard to plan ahead. For instance, last weekend we had highs in the upper 80s and sun, but this coming weekend the highs may be in the upper 50s with rain. You can only plan as far out as the five-day forecast. It's almost like in my long-range planning I need a warm-weather outfit possibility and a cool-weather outfit possibility. One downside of being known as a chick lit author is that you're expected to be rather fashionable (even if you're writing about a character who is anything but a fashion plate). I have to incorporate the Infamous Red Stilettos into a few of these outfits, since that's becoming something of a brand identity, especially with this book. I'm even pondering how much I should work that into my overall brand identity, as I do some redesigning of web site, etc. Do those shoes really reflect a sense of me as an author and my overall writing voice, or is it just something that ties into one particular book? Or is the shoe motif way overplayed in chick lit?

Yes, these are the questions that keep me up at night (along with wondering what happened in the missing time in Battlestar Galactica, what happened in the missing time between the Firefly series and the movie Serenity, which character will die next in the Harry Potter books and whether there was something I was supposed to have done that day that I forgot about).

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