Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Continued De-Cluttering

The living room is now more or less clean! I still have some stuff to get rid of in the clutter on top of the wet bar (yes, I live in a 1980s bachelor pad -- I think the target potential original owner of my house was an airline pilot), and then some dusting and vacuuming, but the floor is clear and there's nothing on my sofa. The room almost looks naked. It's a bit disconcerting when I come down the stairs. I almost feel like I've fallen through a portal into someone else's house. To some extent, I think the clutter was a nesting instinct, a security blanket of sorts (and not too far from a hamster or gerbil building a nest out of shredded paper). When my living room is clean, it feels almost too open. The two-story vaulted ceiling doesn't help. I may rearrange furniture to make it feel more cozy. I'm currently using all of what's supposed to be a living room/dining room as a living room.

The office is also getting cleaner, thanks to lots of Battlestar Galactica podcasts last night. The floor around my desk is clean, and most of the top of my desk is clean except for a few things I'm working on or that need to be filed when I figure out how/where to file them. The new openness in my office is actually kind of refreshing instead of scary. I still have tons of boxes of stuff to go through from my ill-fated attempt to play Clean Sweep a couple of years ago, but I have a powerful sense of accomplishment at the moment. I may even be motivated to finish this project.

But today I have to go downtown to get my hair cut. My hair is funny in a lot of ways, but one of its quirks is that it will look fine for ages, and then all of a sudden one day I'll wake up and it's very much not fine. I can go overnight from my hair being okay to being desperately in need of a haircut. Monday was that day, and fortunately my stylist is very accommodating, so I can get it taken care of pretty quickly before I suddenly have a ton and a half of public appearances and don't want to be mistaken for Cousin Itt.

I had something incredibly insightful to say about writing, but I forgot what it was. Maybe I'll think of it tomorrow. For now, I have to wrap up a freelance project before I go to get sheared.

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