Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A Very Stylish Me

So, I did leave the cave yesterday, got all my errands and grocery shopping done and even (finally!) finished chapter eleven. I didn't even have to resort to going to the bookstore to work. Instead, I took the laptop to the chaise lounge on the loft, well away from the DSL modem but not quite so comfy that I was tempted to fall asleep. It's amazing what getting out and about did to jolt my brain out of the doldrums.

I think a true Target Experience helped. One of the best things about Target is the random stuff you can find. Like on the clearance endcaps. I got a couple of holiday gift sets of various bath and body stuff at extreme discounts, including a cute little caddy of assorted Mediterranean-scented Boots body butters for under $4. As dry as it is, with my skin flaking off, that should come in handy. It's funny how a little bit of pampering can really perk you up.

Oh, and for you Target fans, they were setting up another Global Marketplace section while I was there. I may break down and mix up my decor a little. I've only been in this house eight years. Why would I need to change anything?

I've also found that eating actual meals helped my mindset. Maybe vitamins really do help you think better. Or it could be that cooking helps me think. Last night I grilled a pork chop and had it with broccoli and a baked sweet potato. Tonight I think it will be something with pasta.

Now that I finally have laundry detergent again, I'm catching up on a ton of it. I just have to let this last load finish before I can run to the post office to get the new stamps. Isn't my life glamorous? It's not all red carpets and drinks at the Algonquin.

Speaking of red carpets, the February issue of Lucky has a feature where they shot pictures of people they thought were particularly stylish or innovative around town, and then they showed how you could create a look like that. One of their looks wasn't too far from what I wore to the movie premiere. The colors I used were different, and my skirt wasn't as long, but the general idea of a skirt, camisole/tank top and long scarf was what they considered a more elegant approach to the casual evening look. Who knew I was so stylish? And that chick didn't even have the killer red stilettos.

Today, however, I'm stunning in navy blue sweatpants with an oversized grey sweatshirt, with "Southwestern Medical School" printed on it in navy lettering (see, even my sweats are color-coordinated -- I'll be on the best-dressed list before you know it).

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