Friday, January 06, 2006

Relative Temperatures

Still plodding along, one scene at a time coming to me, and then later I'll think of something that needs to go in a previous scene, so while I may not make much forward progress, I'm not sure I'll have to do much revision after I'm done. At least, that is, until my agent gets to it.

We're back to a little closer to normal, temperature-wise, which means I'm FREEEEZING. I don't know how I'll cope if we do go back to something that resembles winter because just dropping down into the 30s (but above freezing) at night with highs in the low 60s during the day is feeling so cold to me. It doesn't help that my house usually feels colder than it is outside because I only get morning sun exposure (in the summer, that's a real positive) and I try to avoid using my heater because it's noisy and because it gets things too hot and dry. It seems my house is either too hot or too cold, and with too cold I can bundle up or drink something warm. I'm sitting at my desk, wrapped in a blanket. I have to run a few errands this afternoon, but for my late-afternoon writing spurt, I'm seriously considering taking to my bed with the laptop and turning on the electric blanket.

Come to think of it, that would cut off my Internet access, so I'd get more done. Sounds like a plan.

And then it's Sci Fi Friday tonight, with new episodes for the first time since September. It's a sad commentary on my life how excited that makes me. But I'm feeling a little behind because I can barely remember where we were when we last left off. I never rewatched that episode of Battlestar Galactica, and it was the one that came on in my last hour of wakefulness during The Very Long Night of the Red Shoes, so I'm not sure how much I really absorbed. That may be my lunchtime viewing today, although I also really want to rewatch last night's The Office, which broke my heart in a million tiny pieces, thanks to what may have been the longest meaningful, awkward silence ever on a network sitcom (someone clocked it at 27 seconds of two people just staring at each other with emotions naked on their faces. Whew.). Maybe I'll wait and watch the last BSG with tonight's sequel in a row tomorrow.

So now for lunch, then bank/post office/Target/recycling center and finally an attempt to do actual work.

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