Monday, January 09, 2006

Leaving the Cave

I may have officially turned into a bear, with all this hibernating I've been doing. The strange craving for honey was the final straw, and so now I am going to force myself to go out today. I will run the errands I've been putting off. I've been bad about scaling back my plans until I have no plans at all, and it's not like I'm getting much done when I'm at home.

Besides, I need food. My freezer is full, but I'm almost out of milk for my tea, and we can't have that. I may be in real trouble if the shelf-stable milk they have in Europe catches on here. Then I'd be able to cut my trips to the outside world even more, and that would not be good for my mental health.

I'd thought about going to a movie today to really bust myself out of the cave, but I figure baby steps are better. For one thing, when I go overboard on the getting out, I tend to respond by withdrawing even further, and for another, I really do need to work. I can do errands today, then take in a movie later in the week to reward myself for getting work done, and that will establish a pattern of leaving the house.

In other news, I was notified today that I've been selected to speak at the Plano Book Festival in March. Stay tuned for more details. I know that will include a booksigning on site. If you're in the North Texas area, consider dropping by. See, I'm starting to schedule non-cave stuff. The red shoes may or may not make an appearance (it depends on the weather and on what I decide to wear).

So, now to put on outside-the-house clothes and brave the wilds of Target and the grocery store. I might even resort to hauling the laptop to B&N and working there as a Pretentious Coffee Shop Writer. If I have an audience, I'll feel compelled to type instead of staring into space.

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