Sunday, January 29, 2006

More Perils of Air Travel

As mentioned previously, travel tends to tire me. The other side effect of air travel is that I always seem to come down with a cold within a week. The sniffles started a couple of days ago, and today was the coughing and shivering. I ended up spending much of the day in bed. As long as I was in bed with the covers up to my neck and the electric blanket on, I was fine, but if I so much as sat on the edge of the bed, I'd start coughing again. Fortunately, TCM was programming just for me and I enjoyed the rare luxury of watching TV in bed (usually that TV just serves to help program the secondary VCR). They showed It Happened One Night and Roman Holiday back to back, and those are among my all-time favorite movies. Now I seem to be back down to just sniffles (even after the ending of Roman Holiday), so maybe the worst is over.

I've heard people talking about some kind of homeopathic remedy that's supposed to help you prevent colds when you fly (called something like Airborne?). Has anyone tried it, and if so, does it really work? I'm verging on desperate here. I can't afford to take to my bed after every trip.

Barnes & Noble finally has Once Upon Stilettos listed here. No other info yet, and it doesn't yet reflect the new release date, but yay!

And now I may take the laptop to bed and snuggle under the electric blanket to get some work done. I wouldn't want to rush my recovery too much.

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