Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I think every muscle in my body now hates me. That exercise class turned out to be kind of a killer. It gave whole new meaning to the "quivering thighs" romance novel cliche. The class takes a lot of ballet moves and puts them in an exercise class format. I thought I was in decent shape. I can keep up with the NYC Ballet exercise DVD, which is essentially a ballet class, with no lingering soreness. But wow. And ow. On the bright side, by the time the class ends in May, I should be in really good shape, especially since I'll have to force myself to exercise during the rest of the week in order to keep up with the class.

One other good thing is that I pass a large variety of take-out food places on the way home, for those days when the thought of cooking after that workout makes me cry. I was good last night and got Chinese food, which contained actual vegetables, bypassing the multiple fast-food burger places along the way. The good take-out Chinese place now also serves Indian food, so I'll have to give that a try, too. Even better, they show the Sci Fi Channel on their big-screen plasma TV. I love that place.

After my "Too Stupid to Live" rant yesterday, I realized I was verging on leaving myself open to that accusation with The Current Monstrosity. I'd reached a point where there was no reason for a character not to share what had been going on. Her spilling the beans actually didn't change anything, but if she hadn't told, it might have been possible to claim that things would have gone better if she had told. And that meant rewriting a couple of chapters. Sometimes I worry that I'm not making much forward progress on this book because I keep having to go back and fix things, but I suppose that just means revisions will be lighter. Maybe. I hope!

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