Thursday, December 15, 2016

Other News This Week

In addition to getting a book and short story launched this week, other stuff has happened.

I forgot to mention last week that I was named one of the Spirit of Texas Reading Program authors by the Texas Library Association. Here's what they describe this as being about: "The purpose of the list is to encourage youths in grades 9-12 to explore a variety of current, quality books from Texas authors and illustrators, develop critical reading skills, and to encourage greater interaction between Texas authors and illustrators, Texas librarians, and Texas youth." There are only six authors on the list, so it's a huge honor. I hope this is something that will matter to publishers in trying to shop around another YA book. I will also admit to a little internal "Ha!" when thinking that the publisher didn't consider that book successful enough to warrant a sequel -- you know, maybe it wasn't the book. Maybe it was that they didn't bother promoting it at all, since it keeps getting honored by librarians. Makes you wonder what would have happened if they'd done more than send out one tweet.

I have my Christmas shopping more or less done now, unless I find something fun that I just have to get. I just have one more big party before things quiet down a bit. That one's going to require some creativity in dressing because a front is coming through that afternoon, and at the time I leave for the party it will be in the 60s, but around the time the party ends, it could be close to freezing. So I guess I'll carry all the winter stuff in with me so I won't freeze on my way back to the car. Meanwhile, today is cold enough that I'm probably going to work from the bed office with the electric blanket. Tomorrow will be warm enough that I may just need a sweater or light jacket for Star Wars and walking around looking at Christmas lights. Sunday will be freezing, and I think that's going to be an afternoon snuggled in bed and watching Hogfather.

We had our "travelers" Christmas service last night, a Christmas Eve service for people who will be out of town, and then we had a quick rehearsal afterward in that auditorium. One of my friends recorded us singing the benediction we do at the end of every rehearsal, and since we could all use a bit of peace and blessing, I thought I'd share (also, it'll be handy to have a link to this for when I need it).

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