Monday, December 05, 2016

Getting Seasonal

I got my Christmas stuff up over the weekend, and I got wacky and put the Christmas tree in my bedroom. That way, I didn't have to rearrange living room furniture for it, and I could put it in front of a window. It's situated so I can look at it from my bed, and I got one of those remote control outlet thingies, where there's a gizmo you plug into an outlet, and then you can control the things plugged into that outlet with a remote control. That way, I can lie in bed and look at the tree, and then turn off the tree lights without getting out of bed. I think after the holidays, I'm going to move that gizmo to the living room and put a lamp on it. The switch to the living room lights is in the back of the room, so when I come home at night, I have to turn on the entry light, cross the room to the living room switch, turn on that light, then go back to turn off the entryway. I'll be able to leave the remote in the entry and turn on a living room light when I enter the house, and then since I go through the entry to get to the bedroom, I won't have to do the back-and-forth to go to bed -- to the bedroom to turn on a light, back to the living room to turn off the lights. Just turn off everything but the lamp, go to bedroom, turn on light, click the remote to turn off lamp.

We finally have semi-seasonal weather, and it's about to get worse. I had to do the closet switch-out this morning in order to get dressed because I still had all my summer clothes in the closet, and I'd worn the only sweatshirt that was still handy. I had to bring the rest of my sweaters and sweatshirts downstairs. I've pulled out the summer clothes, and now I need to put away the winter stuff to get it off the bed. This should be an opportunity to do a closet purge, since I keep looking at things and realizing I never wore them all year, but instead of thinking, "I never wore that, so I should probably donate it," my thoughts are more like, "I never wore that, so it'll be like having something new next summer!"

But my real priority today is finishing up a book proposal and then doing some marketing stuff. It's kind of gray and chilly, and I like to switch around the places I write and the places I edit, so I may be officing in the bedroom today. That way, I can look at my tree and sit cradled in comfort on the fancy adjustable bed. But first, I need to put away all those sweatshirts and sweaters.

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