Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Enjoying Winter

I got my synopsis more or less written yesterday, and Mom gave me the thumbs up on the opening chapters, so I may be good to go. Except I came up with something else I want to fit in the opening chapters, so I may do some tweaking on that today before my last children's choir session of the semester (wheeeee! Ahem.).

It's also time to get ready for our first real cold snap of the season -- not only our first freeze, but colder temperatures than we had all of last winter. I'm feeling somewhat responsible because I bought a new can of mosquito spray for the patio last week, and then right after that we had a rainy spell, and now a cold spell, so I haven't been able to sit outside, and then the freeze should take care of the mosquitoes.

In a way, I'm actually looking forward to the cold. I found my electric blanket, and I have ingredients for soup and hot cocoa. Thursday night may be my first good Hallmark movie binge. I've been letting them pile up on the DVR.

Some of this fondness for cold weather may be genetic. I found this article on Norwegian winters, and although I've never actually been to Norway, I think this sounds wonderful. I like that they have a special word for a sense of coziness, a way of taking a lot of the things we associate with Christmas, like candles, warm beverages, and blankets, and applying to winter in general, like Christmas without the stress. I think that may be my goal for January. I may buy up some candles and LED lights in the post-Christmas clearance and have a kind of personal winter-fest that's mostly celebrated with books, writing, and binge viewing of romantic comedies and fantasy movies.

I also now want to visit Norway in winter. I even have a real Norwegian sweater. I'm the weird person who doesn't get winter depression. I like the short days (again, might be genetic). A big key seems to be to celebrate the season you're in rather than wishing to be in a different season.

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