Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fear the Look

Today is cool and rainy, so I'm hoping for good writing progress. I was really on a roll yesterday afternoon when I had to stop to get ready for a chorale rehearsal. The performance is this weekend. The group is still sounding rather shaky, so I have no idea how the performance will go. The concert is being held at my church so they can use the organ, and they're hiring our organist to play. Last night was our first rehearsal with her, and the director got really strange with her. She's Korean, but she speaks and understands English perfectly well. I guess you could get the impression that she isn't fluent because she's very shy and considers her words very carefully, but he seemed to decide immediately that she didn't understand English, and so he started speaking to her only in Italian musical terms, mixed in with German (for whatever bizarre reason). I started recognizing facial expressions I've seen before when I had her kids in my choir group and they were acting up. She would slowly rise from behind the piano and give them this Look.

So, yeah, this could get interesting. We rehearse with the rest of the orchestra Saturday morning, and if he acts with them the way he acts with the singers and the organist, we'll be lucky if he doesn't end up with a viola bow through his throat. And that's if the organist and I don't manage to turn him to stone or set him on fire if we both give him that Look at the same time.

Needless to say, I will not be joining this group on a long-term basis. And maybe I should touch base with the organist to plan a cue for simultaneously giving him the Look.

But as of Saturday night, I'm free! No more Monday-night rehearsals.

I've also counted the number of children's choir sessions I have left this semester, and we're in the single digits. Wow, time is flying. And I have so many books to write.

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