Monday, February 15, 2016

Convention Inspiration

I've made it through a convention weekend, and in spite of having a "normal" Sunday, I'm still having a typical post-convention Monday in which I'm inspired and motivated to write but utterly lacking in energy. It helped, though, that I didn't have yoga today because of the holiday, so I may have a bit more oomph by this afternoon. I've also taken care of the morning grocery errands (with bonus cheap post-Valentine's chocolate!).

Most of my panels this weekend were on various aspects of history, which of course ended up generating a lot of ideas in my crazy brain.

Current fictional universes/story ideas developing themselves in my brain count: 8

I had one of my more interesting reading sessions at a convention. I was paired up in a slot with Stephen Sanders, a steampunk poet. He writes Victorian-style narrative adventure poetry and performs it, which matches my performance reading style and my subject matter. Since his pieces were rather short, we went back and forth, trading off. I think that made things interesting for the audience rather than listening to one person drone on and on.

I should probably come up with more performance aspects for my readings. I incorporate singing into some of my Rebel Mechanics-related readings because of that Yankee Doodle song, but maybe I should come up with more. I actually have the song that's pivotal to the Fairy Tale series plot written and could sing that. I have the voice, so I may as well use it.

For now, though, it's all about the writing. I have my work plans for the next few months, and I need to get busy. Fortunately, I have a mostly free (aside from some extra music stuff) weekend ahead, and it may even be cloudy/rainy. That means a good chance of a writing marathon.

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