Thursday, February 11, 2016

Convention Schedule and the No-Whining Season

It's a convention week, so I seem to be getting very little done other than preparing. Today I need to work out my reading and bake some cookies for the FenCon party. In case you're in the north Texas area and are planning to come to ConDFW, here's where you'll find me:

On Friday:
4 p.m. -- World Building in Steampunk
6 p.m. -- 2016 Movie Forecast for the Geek Nation

On Saturday:
11 a.m. -- Unlikely Heroes, Worlds, and Wars
1 p.m. -- Reading (I'm probably going to preview the Rebel Mechanics sequel, and there might be cookies)
3 p.m. -- Autographing (copies of A Kind of Magic will be available, either through me or one of the dealers -- I haven't worked that out yet)
6 p.m. -- Choose Your Destiny: Researching Alternate History

I don't have any Sunday programming, so I probably won't be at the convention on Sunday. There's nothing on the grid that really grips me to attend, and the con hotel is charging for parking. It'll be kind of nice to spend part of the weekend at a convention, then get a real rest and recovery day before I dive into a new week in which I have a lot of stuff I want to get done. I had a chat with my agent yesterday and now have a list of projects to work on. No announcements yet until I see where they go, but I need to start developing.

Meanwhile, I've decided what to give up for Lent: griping. I'm classifying that as unproductive complaining. You could probably also call that whining. Constructive criticism to someone who can do something about it is allowed, as is critique of entertainment stuff. I'm talking more about that "woe is me, my career is hard" kind of stuff. I think I can manage not to do that "out loud," either to people in person or on social media. The real trick will be stopping it in my head. When I catch myself doing it, I need to make myself do something positive that could change things because just complaining isn't helping.

And now I'm positive I need to figure out what to make for lunch.

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